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Custom powder coating services to protect, restore or visually reinvent your metals

Lone Star Powder Coating has been providing high-quality powder coating services to San Antonio and the surrounding areas for over 17 years. Whether you have a commercial, residential or recreational project, our business is ensuring that your powder coating needs are met. We will take the time to consult with you and get the job done right.

Durable finishes that will look better, last longer and it’s safer for the environment


We first clean or sandblast your piece to ensure it’s down to the base metal. A powder that matches your color and texture specifications is then sprayed on to the metal with a special electrostatic gun that charges the powder coating, allowing it to stick. The powder coated metal is finally placed in an oven and cured at high temperatures. What results is a more durable, even finish that is less prone to weathering, chipping or corrosion than traditional forms of paint. And because there are no solvents in the powder, pollutants are not being released into the environment.

Large oven space allows us to accommodate a broad range of powder coating projects

Weathered, Rusted, Or Dull. Let Us Bring Your Metals Back To Life!

We specialize in powder coating larger items up to 26 feet long, but can accommodate smaller items as well. Our most requested jobs consist of architectural components, shade structures, fences, railings, large car parts and rims, and outdoor patio furniture. We will be happy to consult with you on your specific needs.




Metal Preperation

You items must be cleaned down to the base layer for the best powder coating application. Depending on the size and condition of your item, we will either strip your metals in house or use an external partner to prep the pieces. 


Color Selection

We have over 100 colors in stock, but we can custom order special colors to match your needs. Come visit us to look at sample colors or to color match your item.



Because powder coating is a custom job that varies by request, we prefer to see your items in person or have a very detailed description of them before providing a cost estimate.


Metals that can be powder coated

The powder coating process requires conductive metals like aluminum, steel, and brass.  Materials like carbon fiber, composites, fiberglass, plastics, and wood cannot be powder coated.

Items that should not be powder coated

Any item that will be used at temperatures above 200 degrees, or uses solder to stay intact, should not be powder coated.  The curing process will melt solder and operating temperatures above 200 degrees will, at a minimum, distort the color and sheen of your powder coated items.

Powder coating and heat

Powder coating applies a layer of hardened paint which acts like an insulating agent.  If your metal items are designed to dissipate heat, powder coating them will reduce this ability and may cause overheating.  

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